Shenzhen Capital Group made 8 new investments in August 2018

作者:深創投 | 日期:2018-09-04 09:04:19

From 1999 to Aug. 2018, SCGC has completed 910 investments (with a total amount of 39.2 billion RMB) in various fields including IT/semiconductor, optomechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, life science, energy/environmental technology, new materials/chemicals, and internet/new media. In August 2018, SCGC has invested 8 projects.

Project List:

Beijing Starblaze Co., Ltd.
Since the beginning of 2015, the company has developed ultra-large-scale enterprise-level SSD master chip. In April 2016, it completed sample flow on TSMC's 28-nanometer process. It has passed the test and started to enter mass production R&D. Since its establishment, the company has applied for more than 30 patents in the three core fields of StarNVMe, StarLDPC and StarFlash.

Zhongrui (Wuhan) Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
The company has many leading advantages in the field of optoelectronic equipment, among which: the company holds the core technology, technical indicators and equipment quality of third-generation semiconductor device manufacturing technologies such as optoelectronic semiconductor core devices, gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC). To reach the international leading level in the same industry; in signal and data processing, multi-frequency electronic circuits, photoelectric measurement and control technology, laser infrared technology, graphic image processing technology, computer application and automatic control, avionics and information engineering, photovoltaic system overall, command With the control system, electronic measurement and precision manufacturing, structural technology and other professional has a domestic first-class technical level.

Beijing Meishe Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
The company's “Meishe” app is the first in the industry to launch a full HD video editing mode with user-definable video duration, allowing users to shoot and produce professional and high-quality original content works anytime, anywhere.

Beijing CiyunTangquan Financial Service Technology Co., Ltd.
It is a financial technology company based onblockchain. It has digitized and credited the upstream and downstream account assets of the industry, thus achieving the division, circulation and integration of digital assets. This company has successfully cooperated with multiple top 500 companies.

Guangzhou Silinjie Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
It is a world-leading company provides industrial online test system and problem-solving.

Shenzhen Bioeasy Technology Co., Ltd.
It is a high-tech company dedicated to food and drug safety, clinical diagnosis, public safety and other fields, integrating R&D, production, sales, service and information construction. It provides customers with world-leading rapid testing products, services and overall solutions, focusing on achieving rapid inspection and becoming an effective means of preventing and controlling food safety risks.

Guangzhou Zhiyi Biotech Co., Ltd.
It is focused on the research and development of the next-generation probiotics and live biotherapeutics. Based on the discovery of strains and drug development with independent intellectual property rights, a lot of innovative research has been conducted, the “Know-How” from strains to drugs has been established, and the innovative live bacteria drug SK08 is going to enter the clinical trials. Zhiyi will continue to strengthen the R&D on the relationship between human microbiome and diseases, including microbial culture and pathobionts research, target identification and separation of new functional strains.

Shenzhen Shengxue Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.
This company has successively established strategic cooperations with famous universities in Guangdong Province such as Jinan University, Guangdong Science and Technology College and Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic College. Now it has become a professional adult education promotion training institution. Its main business is adult education/training, including trainings for self-study exam, adult college entrance examination, remote education and other academic categories.