Shenzhen Capital Group made 8 new investments in September 2018

作者:深創投 | 日期:2018-10-09 09:09:36

From 1999 to Sep. 2018, SCGC has completed 918 investments (with a total amount of 39.9 billion RMB) in various fields including IT/semiconductor, optomechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, life science, energy/environmental technology, new materials/chemicals, and internet/new media. In September 2018, SCGC has invested 8 projects. 

Project List:

Beijing SinoVoice Technology Co.,Ltd.
It is a high-tech company that focuses on the research and application of all-round artificial intelligence technology such as intelligent voice, intelligent image, biometrics, and intelligent semantics, and comprehensively develops artificial intelligence cloud services.

Fujian Zhongkeyachuang Animation Co., Ltd.
The company's positioning is based on the mobiles animation international standard ITU-T.621 "IP + content + smart terminal" platform operator. It has many approvals such as network culture business license, telecom equipment network access license, and value-added telecommunications business license.

Imageim Cultural Innovation (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
The company integrates psychology, aesthetics, computer vision recognition, machine learning and others, combining modern management and sociology application scenarioses to create transformative integrated technology solutions for the fashion industry.

Henan Xinrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
It is a semiconductor manufacturing company integrating chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing. In December 2016, it was approved as a high-tech enterprise. In November 2017, it was recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the General Administration of Customs as a circuit manufacturing company with less than 0.5μmlinewidth capability.

Beijing Xuezu Technology Co., Ltd.
It is an Ice/snow sports enterprise SAAS transaction management platform, providing ice/snow sports information solutions; ski media platform, OTA ski content supply and operation; ice sports media platform, ICE MINI flower slide public IP, ice hockey youth match IP, teacher training system.

KhorgosDayanse Information Technology Co., Ltd.
This company mainly provides software development for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals (including research and promotion of national language information standards); as well as development and application services for e-commerce and e-government systems.

BeijingSanhao Interactive Education Co., Ltd.
It was founded by former executives of BeidaQingniao, Jinghan Education, Microsoft and NetEase, it is a service platform dedicated to providing online personalized education for primary and secondary school students. The platform includes frequently one-to-one interactive teaching, teacher display, intelligent course selection, knowledge assessment, high-quality courses, open courses, as well as community services for students, parents and teachers, and educational information

Shanghai Aoshuo Information Technology Co., Ltd.
This company has self-developed intelligent voice core engine for speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis and voiceprint recognition, and can provide “local + cloud” Hybrid speech recognition solution to support integration with a variety of mainstream operating systems for customers to choose.