Shenzhen Capital Group made 9 new investments in October 2018

作者:深創投 | 日期:2018-11-06 09:13:31

From 1999 to Oct. 2018, SCGC has completed 927 investments (with a total amount of 40.2 billion RMB) in various fields including IT/semiconductor, optomechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, life science, energy/environmental technology, new materials/chemicals, and internet/new media. In October 2018, SCGC has invested 9 projects.

Project List:

Xiamen Yousheng Bathroom Technology Co., Ltd.
A global company provides smart bathroom whole solutions, with branches in Switzerland, California, USA and Hong Kong. It entered Chinese market in 2005 and gradually established three bases: global R&D center - Xiamen, marketing center - Shanghai , manufacturing center - Hebei. It has 365 domestic and foreign patents, among which the world's first i-Flush tank technology dominates the smart bathroom industry.

Dongguan Mengda Plasticization Technology Co., Ltd.
The only comprehensive service provider in the field of plasticization in China. It promotes the transformation and upgrading of the plasticization industry with technology research and development services and e-commerce platform services. Its "Global Plastics Network", "Polymer and Plastics Mall", "Plastic Enterprise China" are the most well-known e-commerce service platforms in the industry.

JiaxingJiasai Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Focusing on mobiles enterprise informationtechnology products, as well as professional consulting services and efficient operation and maintenance support, JiasaiInformation Technology has international technical experts and domestic technology innovation teams, and integrates with years of accumulated mobiles enterprise informationindustry experience. International professional technology, dedicated to building and expanding a comprehensive service solution for mobiles informationmanagement.

Beijing VhallShidai Technology Co., Ltd.
Focused on providing professional live marketing solutions for businesses and 8 years of deep cultivation, Vhall has formed four product matrixes of enterprise live broadcast platform (SaaS), microVhallcloud (PaaS open platform), microVhallclassroom and live broadcast, which fully meet the diversified live marketing needs of enterprise users.

Zhaoshan Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Based on the R&D and application of ZST high-temperature nano-ceramic materials technology, it is committed to solving common problems such as contamination and slagging, high-temperature corrosion, erosion and wear, and heat transfer imbalance of power station boilers, and providing a package of solutions and application services.

Beijing Naxions Co., Ltd.
Focusing on providing customized digital marketing services to healthcare industry customers, helping corporate customers to increase product awareness and market share and enhance brand value. App products represented by "Thick Medical School" have received good feedback.

Beijing INVISPOWER Co., Ltd.
It is a wireless charging solution provider. Based on the technology research and development of wireless charging technology and its application for many years, it has achieved breakthrough innovations in the process of wireless charging industrialization. The company provides wireless charging solutions for enterprise customers, as well as products for mass consumers.

Guangzhou Ruoyuchen Technology Co., Ltd.
It is a global e-commerce integrated service provider of high-quality fast-moving consumer goods brands. It helps brands to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by new market trends such as the fragmentation of mobiles Internet, the personalization of consumer demands and the integration of e-commerce marketing and sales.

Beijing Jiangrongxin Technology Co., Ltd.
It is a high-tech enterprise integrating financial software product research and development, internet financial software program design, implementation, operation and service. It has extensive credit card core systems and business experience, implementation experience and technical experience in consumer finance related fields.