Shenzhen Capital Group made 12 new investments in November 2018

作者:深創投 | 日期:2018-12-06 10:59:28

From 1999 to November 2018, our group invested in 939 projects in the fields of IT technology/chip, opto-mechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, biotechnology, energy/environment, new materials/chemicals, internet/new media. The total investment amount is about 40.7 billion RMB. Among them, 12 new investment projects were added in November.

Project List:

Shenzhen Yikesiqi Advertising Co., Ltd.

The Yixiao advertising platform is an effect advertising system launched by Yike Media. It is the leading performance advertising marketing platform in China. Based on the unique genes of Yike Media's focus on performance advertising, based on high-quality media resources, with operational optimization as the core and effect-oriented, it provides advertisers with cross-platform and cross-terminal effects advertising operation solutions, and utilizes Yike Media’s professional and efficient operation team, realizing the Internet effect advertising platform with controllable cost, considerable benefit and intelligent delivery.

Hangzhou Yunxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd.

It is a member of the internationally renowned open source blockchain project Hyperledger, aiming to build the world's leading enterprise-class blockchain technology service platform; the released cloud-like BaaS platform has been internationally leading in terms of performance, security, privacy and interface richness. It has applied for more than 30 national invention patents; its services fields include finance, supply chain, real estate registration, credit reporting, etc.

ZoigeQingzang Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

The Qinghai-Tibet Culture Hotel features Tibetan and Qiang minority culture, integrates ethnic cultural resources and regional tourism resources, and builds a national cultural ecological space dominated by ethnic cultural industries and tourism industries. Relying on the rich tourism resources of Sichuan Province, it is committed to the development of cultural tourism industry, the construction of large-scale tourism complex projects, the construction of large-scale ethnic cultural residential complex projects, the construction of outdoor sports paradise projects, and public welfare travel, research tourism, red tourism, high-end self-driving and other special tourism brands.

Biaobei Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

This company focuses on intelligent voice interaction, including voice synthesis overall solution, and provide artificial intelligence data services such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, image recognition, etc.

Kerun Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.

A company specializing in R&D, design, production, installation, maintenance, testing, sales, technical services, technical consultation of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, transformers, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electric vehicle intelligent charging equipment, as well as goods/technologies import/export. It has been listed on NEEQ.

Guangzhou Yuding Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

A high-tech R&D and export enterprise that produces high value-added bio-based products using plant fiber raw materials (renewable plant resources).

Beijing Aiqi Technology Co., Ltd.

An Internet technology company specializing in R&D in the field of artificial intelligence.Gathering a group of young people who have dreams, love creation, and curiosesity, in the past three years, Aiqi Technology has obtained a number of patents for intelligent hardware products; in 2015, it became the only company in the Xiaomi Ecology Chain that focuses on "DIY Intelligent Robotics" products.

Hangzhou Youlu Culture Media Co., Ltd.

A new cultural communication company specializing in comic creation, comic derivative and IP commercialization.It committed to creating a self-owned comics kingdom. It has a senior young planning team, a plenty of IP resources and mature self-owned comic creation team.

YantaiMaibairui International Biomedical Co., Ltd.

An international company that provides high-quality one-stop biopharmaceutical R&D and GMP production in line with European and American standards for biopharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies around the world. It is currently the largest CRO/CMO cell production R&D base in Asia.

Zendai Radio Limited (Himalaya FM)

The leading company in the new economy and the unicorn company are headquartered in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai. It owns the well-known audio sharing platform in China, Himalaya, with more than 470 million mobiles phones users and more than 30 million cars, smart hardware and smart home users, accounting for 73% of the domestic audio market

Tyto Care Ltd.

A company in Israel that develops telemedicine equipment and provides telemedicine platform services. Its products are small-scale modular diagnostic devices, with multiple functions including thermometers, otoscopes, laryngoscopes, stethoscopes, skin diagnostics, etc., targeting common diseases and chronic diseases.

BryLogyx Inc.

A biopharmaceutical startup in Silicon Valley, USA. The company's core technology is based on research by Paul Wender, a well-known professor at Stanford University, to develop cancer immunotherapy and AIDS therapy based on Bryostatin 1.