Shenzhen Capital Group made 19 new investments in December 2018

作者:深創投 | 日期:2019-01-09 11:03:30

From 1999 to December 2018, our group invested in 958projects in the fields of IT technology/chip, opto-mechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, biotechnology, energy/environment, new materials/chemicals, internet/new media. The total investment amount is about 41.8 billion RMB. Among them, 19 new investment projects were added in December.

Project List:

Shanghai Yunzhou Information Technology Co., Ltd.

A self-developed ZStack private cloud and ZStack hybrid cloud solution for enterprise users, focusing on product-oriented domestic independent innovation open source cloud computing service providers.

Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd.

A commercial satellite R&D operation and data service innovation company founded by talents in the original satellite and application fields. Determined to become the image data portal of the aerospace era, using space remote sensing technology to empower human development, so that global ground changes can be perceived, traceable, available, and shareable.

Shenzhen Xiaoshuidi Computer System Co., Ltd.

Its core business is a chat app, which is a chat software that locates semi-acquaintances. On the basis of providing the same core functions as WeChat, it can solve the pain points that WeChat is difficult to solve by comprehensive and refine the group management functions to obtain users from WeChat.

Dalian Jieneng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

It productsclean energy equipment and core components such as nuclear power and wind power.

Hunan Soyun Network Technology Co., Ltd.

This company provides a complete solution for digital asset trading in the virtual ecosystem, and build a closed-loop ecosystem of digital asset registration-determination-transfer-rights protection through blockchain technology to establish industry standards.

Shenzhen Shuangyingweiye Technology Co., Ltd.

This company is committed to become a world-renowned network communication, Internet companies to provide cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, smart home network communication equipment suppliers.

Shenzhen Zhichi Network Technology Development Co., Ltd.

It is the leading WeChat applet development tool in China. The production process can be completed without the need for code and drag and drop visual components. It has a large number of small program industry templates to help thousands of merchants generate WeChat applets with one click.

Shenzhen Fanhaitonglian Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

It is mainly engaged in the development and processing of automation equipment, precision parts production, development and application of new material technology.

Shanghai Xinyu Watch Service Co., Ltd.

It is mainly engaged in the retail and distribution of other high-end consumer goods such as internationally renowned brand watches, and provides related after-sales service and supporting extension products.

Yangzhou Rixing Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

An innovative high-tech enterprise integrating chitin raw material production, research and development, and finished product sales.Its annual average production of ammonia sugar accounts for 40% of the global market share, 90% of which is exported to Europe, America and Japan.

Shenzhen Muma Wisdom Education Technology Co., Ltd.

An educational information software developer, whose products are divided into teacher oriented part and student oriented part. The teacher can correct the homework and analyze the student's work. The student can obtain rich educational resources and interact with the teacher.

Shenzhen Youhedaotong Industrial Co., Ltd.

It is a private enterprise providing comprehensive logistics solutions and one-stop logistics services.

360 Enterprise Security Technology (Beijing) Group Co., Ltd.

A comprehensive company focused on providing next-generation network security products and services to governments and businesses.

Shenzhen Tiantu Investment Management Co., Ltd.

It is focusing on investment in the consumer goods sectorand applying specializationstrategies.The portfolio companies include three major consumption upgrade directions: innovative consumption, new retail and consumer finance.

Shenzhen Aikelite Technology Co., Ltd.

A high-tech enterprise integrating LED application product design, R&D, production, sales and service, Aikelite brings together a group of first-class technical experts at home and abroad, and has strong LED high-end product research and development and manufacturing capabilities.

Zhiwei Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

A multi-dimensional new media matrix, which not only has a new media aggregation platform focusing on cars, motorcycles and boutiques - AceGearShangyin app, but also has the Ace Kol advertising platform, Ace Space, Dream Plus Ace incubator, Ace club and other collections of multiple online and offline resources.

Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

It was transformed from the Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute of the State Drug Administration. It was originally a comprehensive scientific research institution established by the state. With the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, it has developed from a pure scientific research institution into a national class high-tech enterprise with research and development, manufacturing, and product-operation.

Horgos Big Color Information Technology Co., Ltd.

It mainly provides software development and production for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals (including research and promotion of national language information standards), e-commerce and e-government system development and application services.

Beijing Chaoweijing Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

A high-tech enterprise that develops and produces multi-wavelength high-speed, high-resolution, large-field two-photon microscopy imaging systems using its unique device technology.